Tempus Chronograph Gents Watch - DL_196007_PH
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Tempus Chrono


A stylish and simple chronograph watch which measures time in a simple and effective way.

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Tempus Chronograph Gents Watch

Style and elegance are embodied in this modern timepiece, brought to you by David Louis.

The classic Chronograph design of the The Tempus C1 Chronograph Gents Watch means it will match almost any outfit or occasion you could imagine and will look the part during work or play.

It features a white dial for telling the time and three small dials to measure hours minutes or seconds with the chronograph.

It is made using skilled craftsmen that mill the watch from one block of stainless steel that has a brushed finish before being assembled then finished by attaching a genuine black leather strap.

This beautiful watch is a perfect gift for any stylish gentleman that loves watches.

Add a mens watch box to complete your order and give the watch a lovely setting for when its not being worn.

If you have any questions about your watch or anything else, please contact us.

Made from:

Leather, brushed stainless steel.


The diameter of the face is approx 4cm.

About Us

Swiss Watch Maker & Product Designer

David Hendley, Horologist at David-Louis Design
David Hendley, Horologist at David-Louis Design

David-Louis Hendley, Swiss watch maker, jeweller, silver smith, commercial product designer, lecturer on design and entrepreneur is proud to introduce his watch collection.

Commemorating Events & Demonstrating Watch Innovation
Some of the watches are designed by David-Louis, some are selected for there interesting design aesthetic and functions and some are pre owned and purchased by David-Louis for resale due to there inherent and interesting features such as their method of power distribution, interesting case shape, their association with global events such as moon landings and global exploration or are snapshots from particular periods in horological innovation.

Reflecting Watch Design & Heritage
The watches are in part and extension of David-Louis's passions, his passion and interest in design, his love of industrial and design heritage and his desire to increase awareness of horological design and heritage.