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Create Your Own Unique Watch! Customise our Limited Edition B1 Chronograph with a personal message and choice of strap.

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Watch Storage Box

Watch storage solution for people who adore watches and have watch strap parts or cufflinks that need a special place.

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Personalised Mens Watches

Personalise Your Mens Watch. Our Mens watches can be personalised with a decorative monogram or message of your choice.

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The watches on Watches by David-Louis are wholly and exclusively curated by passionate horologist David-Louis

Swiss Watch Maker & Product Designer

David-Louis Hendley, Swiss watch maker, jeweller, silver smith, commercial product designer, lecturer on design and entrepreneur is proud to introduce his watch collection.

Commemorating Events & Demonstrating Watch Innovation

Some of the watches are designed by David-Louis, some are selected for there interesting design aesthetic and functions and some are pre owned and purchased by David-Louis for resale due to there inherent and interesting features such as their method of power distribution, interesting case shape, their association with global events such as moon landings and global exploration or are snapshots from particular periods in horological innovation.

Reflecting Watch Design & Heritage

The watches are in part and extension of David-Louis's passions, his passion and interest in design, his love of industrial and design heritage and his desire to increase awareness of horological design and heritage.

In Birmingham? We offer Local Pickup

Are you in the Birmingham area? We offer local pickup on our watches. Simply place your order, choose local pickup and collect your watch today from the heart of Birmingham's famous  Jewellery Quarter.

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